About Us

Giovanna’s Deli & Wine


We are an independent Italian deli, wine shop and bar focussing on selling quality Mediterranean produce to the Forest Gate Community. We are a family run business, inspired by our parents and grandparents who emigrated to Newham in the 1950s, opening the Windsor Restaurant, also on Woodgrange Road, followed by Marco’s Café on the Victoria Dock Road.

Our products range from traditional breads, meats, cheeses and preserves to wine and biscuits. We also offer a selection of artisan vegetarian and vegan products, such as sundried tomatoes and vegan cheese.

We offer a small, neighbourhood delivery service for hampers and gifts. We also offer space for hire in our basement lounge for community and private events.

Giovanna’s is operated by Alessandro (Alex) and Victoria Giovanna (Vic), who met in Alex’s family restaurant in the amazing Dolomite mountains, Italy. After years of travelling between East London, Northern Italy, Puglia and Rome, they settled together in Vic’s home of Forest Gate.

Together they run Giovanna’s named after Vic’s Nonna (Grandmother), an amazing business woman, matriarch and a true Italian-Cockney.

Giovanna’s is a Italian deli, wine shop and bar that brings quality food and drink to Newham.

About Giovanna (The OG)


Giovanna was a bloody queen. After emigrating to London to be with her husband, who was here as a POW, she set up in Forest Gate. She originally opened a restaurant on Woodgrange Road (The Windsor) with her husband Stefano (Vic’s Nonno). After realising that the then Newham community weren’t big on Italian food, she opened Marco’s Cafe in Custom House, serving up Full-Englishes to the dockers.

Despite waking up before dawn to  peel potatoes and heat up the coffee machine (“hot up the cup”), she somehow managed to raise 7 kids- including Vic’s dad. As a true power-house, she instilled a commitment to honesty, hard work and kindness into the whole family.

Vic remembers her love, her itchy coat and how to beat an octopus when all you have is a stratford pavement and a “zan-ze-burries” carrier bag.

Marco's Cafe, Custom House
Nonna Giovanna
Marco's Cafe, Custom House - Coffee machine 1980

About Alex

Alessandro grew up behind the bar in his family hotel/restaurant surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites. A true Veneto boy he is obsessed with wine, football and skiing. When he’s not behind the bar, he can be found with mates down the boozer or helping out Vic’s dad in Stratford.

About Vic

Vic, as an Eastender with roots in Southern Italy and Scotland, lives on a diet of pasta and fry-ups. She loves sharing good wine with good people and a great sound-track. When not in the kitchen, she works with various not-for-profits, community organisations and artist groups.

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